Reiki is a completely non-invasive yet powerful tool to use during your pregnancy. Not only can it strengthen the bond between mother and child but can ease all of the less pleasant symptoms from morning sickness to mood swings! It is completely safe to use during pregnancy from the very first stages all the way up to birth. Helping to ease those symptoms can help you to enjoy this special time in your life to the fullest.


Whilst you are receiving the treatment, so is your child. This shared healing can bring you even closer together.

I met Helena when I was 5 months pregnant. Unfortunately, I had had a miscarriage previously so I was a bit scared of going through this journey again and had doubts that the heart of my baby would be able to beat again. However, once I opened myself up to Helena and her therapy she was able to connect herself to the baby. She told me everything is OK the baby is grown and it will be fine. Those words were so meaningful and continue to empower me today. Now I am in the 30th week of my pregnancy and I can't wait to meet my little one and of course Helena again with the baby!


Stephanie Seefried

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