Reiki can provide extremely effective relief from chronic pain. Even if you are unable to be touched, as I am able to work with hands completely off the body. Reiki encourages a deep level of relaxation, allowing your body to speed up its processes of self-healing. Not only working on the symptoms but also the root cause.

Living with chronic pain for long periods of time will naturally affect your mood, lust for life or even your ability to think clearly. Reiki can allow you to process these natural feelings and allow them through and subsequently, to ease. Giving you greater mental clarity and a much improved sense of wellbeing.


In difficult circumstances I am able to provide home visits or even distance healings. Please get in touch with me for further details.

Helena's Healing Reiki London

Helena's Healing

"I contacted Helenas as I suffer from chronic back pain, the first time she gave me Reiki I instantly felt the heat coming from her hands onto my back. I have had regular sessions with Helena and I have been able to reduce my pain medication at night. You will not be disappointed with the results."


- Natalie Jones

Helena's Healing Reiki London

Helena's Healing
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